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Become a ninja and get paid for it!

Post by The Ninja » Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:51 pm

I am currently accepting applications for psvr game reviewers. I never intended for this site to be a review site, but as I learn more about the VR industry I think it's necessary to have a non-biased site out there to get raw information on games before you buy. Every game is unique and it's hard to generalize VR games (which is why they are so addicting to buy..!) And this is just the beginning.

Your responsibilities as game reviewer will be capturing video and writing up a raw review of the game. Coding knowledge not necessary. No deadlines, no stress. Games will be assigned based on your library to avoid bias, but I will allow choosing of games once you prove your worth. Read my past reviews to get an idea of what's expected.
Payment will be $20 psn card per review. I am looking for a 2-4 people team. Send an email to with the subject "Game review position". Please include your age, gender, country, and psvr game library, and any other relevant VR information. I will continue to write reviews myself, but I am overwhelmed with the amount of VR content, as well real life, so some help from could be a win-win for the right person. Don't delay... Become a ninja today.

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