VR for Gran Turismo Sport is a neglected side mode

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VR for Gran Turismo Sport is a neglected side mode

Post by vrnews » Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:18 am

From redditor 'inoway'

"For months we all knew the VR mode would be limited. I had no real problem with this. Hardware limitations are hardware limitations. But that Polyphony Digital would limit the VR mode beyond what could have been possible is, imho, disgusting. The VR mode is limited to a 1-on-1 '2 lap' race against a slow AI. And that's it!

I mean, this has nothing to do with limited hardware. A simple Time Trial mode with online leaderboards could easily have been created. There is not a single hardware limitation preventing this. Or simply do an 'unlimited lap' race. Or a 'free run' without the AI.

I can not understand why PD offered such a limited VR 'experience'. It is as if the wanted to frustrate the VR audience on purpose. I'm not disappointed, I'm just completely upset that PD actually did what they did. That they mutilated the VR mode on purpose (even though GT Sport was originally promised to be a 'full VR game' back in the days) Damn!"

What a shame. Thank you for saving others the $60. What a complete 180° switch from what was originally described for this game. Avoid unless you don't care about the VR.

Read more @ https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/comments/ ... _name=PSVR

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