Three new PSVR games released this week

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Three new PSVR games released this week

Post by vrnews » Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:30 am

Three new PSVR games released this week

Bloody Zomies

Created for 1-4 players, fight the undead plague across the ruins of London using refined Free-Form Combat, taking down a terrifying variety of mutated zombies.

Supports up to 4 players with any combination of VR & TV players.
Combine moves for chainable combos, plus unlock new abilities.
Choose from 4 playable characters each with customisable skillsets.
Take on a diverse plague of zombies by changing tactics to match your foe.
Fight across the remains of iconic London streets & landmarks in multiple levels.

VR Karts

Get in the drivers’ seat of your own customized kart and race against other players.

Race through stunning environments, collect power ups and use weapons to gain the upper hand over other racers.

Manifest 99

MANIFEST 99 is an ominous and eerie story about finding redemption in the afterlife. Set on a mysterious train inhabited by a murder of crows, you assist four travel companions on a journey to their final destination.

This virtual reality experience is played without a controller: you gaze into the eyes of crows to move to their perch, viewing the world from their scale and perspective. Look into the eyes of your travel companions and uncover the reason why they – and you – are on this train traveling into the great beyond.

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