Redditor breaks 4k TV playing Skyrim VR

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Redditor breaks 4k TV playing Skyrim VR

Post by vrnews » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:49 pm

I'm not going to waste the time and effort to make a post announcing Skyrim VR. The 50 or so people that visit this site a day already know about it. This post has more to do with VR and your surroundings.

nalydtapo on /r/psvr posted "Skyrim broke my TV".

He goes on to say he broke his 4k television trying to "backswing" a massive spider. That sucks and I know he's not alone. Personally I have broken a lamp playing "Catlateral Damage" of all titles.... AND I have it on video (maybe one day I'll post it). But after that, I learned my lesson and now take the warning that pops up when you power your headset on, seriously.

So check your area, and adjust it as needed.
Since my lamp incident I have had no accidents. I'm sure nalydtapo of /r/psvr will not make the same mistake in the future either.

Heed the warnings !

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